She sold her company for $800 Million and she's my mentor.

The founder of True Religion jeans, Kym Gold, is one of 4 mentors and coaches who Briana consults with to be sure Emerging Moda is raising up successful fashion designers to the best of it's ability and beyond.

What are people saying?

Emerging Moda can help you by... you our proven process

We've built structure and a plan that's predictable to create top quality apparel & handbags over and over again. We confirm factory certificates and credentials are in place to respect your brands traditions.

...taking you on the ride of your life

We create excitement and attention around your brand to bring you new opportunities, beat your competition and get you to market quickly for success. We give you freedom and spontaneity in your creative process.

...teaching you to do it right

We bring accuracy to creating your big picture. You can't stay in the game if you spend your savings trying to figure it out on your own, only learning from your mistakes. Do it right the first time around.

...holding your hand through it all

We confirm a sustainable and ethical environment with strategic teamwork to uphold your brands morals and support your community involvement. We want you to find significance in the legacy you'll leave behind.

The VISION of Emerging Moda is to become the Mother Teresa of fashion business.

The PURPOSE of Emerging Moda is to work better, faster and stronger than yesterday because I truly care about the well being of my designers and will encourage them to succeed.

The MISSION of Emerging Moda is to hold designers hands through the process of becoming an expert fashion designer the right way, the first time around, at fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time, and enjoying the experience along the way.

Bold Bri has helped new and established designers with this list many times over. Bold Bri has helped these kinds of designers create their brands from concept to creation.

How We Help

Our Experience

How We Help

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