Product Development

Product Development

Have no idea where to start? But you do have an idea? Our specialty is producing clothing and handbags in New York City, Italy, China, India and Bangladesh. We’ll help you take your ideas all the way through shipping! No need to worry about who is the correct factory, which price to pay them or where to get your fabric! We hold your hand all the way through! Email us at [email protected] or +1-646-580-7865 to inquire more! We won’t pressure you to start with us, we’ll just pressure you to follow your dreams! We know you love your 9-5, but come on, day dreaming at the desk doesn’t change things, now does it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will the film include?

You will be the star of the show!  Each 2020 Designer has their own show that I’m giving my time to so we can specifically focus on making your brand extremely strong and perfected!

What is the point of the reality show?

Great question!  I’ve helped many many designers for years such as Womenswear (XS-3X), Knitwear, Menswear, Men’s Underwear, Men’s Leather Trench Coats, Heavy Outerwear Jackets, Sportswear, Activewear, Athleisure, Street Style, High Heels & Kids Shoes, Swimwear, Lingerie/Wire Bras, Faux & Genuine Leather Handbags, Resort Wear, Wedding Gowns, Mother of the Bride Dresses, Children’s Wear, Baby Backpacks & Carriers, and even Gloves.  Through all the ups and downs of being in these Designer’s corner as their biggest cheerleader, I don’t want you to arrive at “ready” a year later and no one knows your name! I want my audience on Instagram of 220,000+ followers & the audience I’ll teach you to grow, to fall in love with you ASAP! This will create their desire for pre-orders (Sales!) and following you throughout your ups and downs so they feel included in your brand when you launch.  Not only will that create customers and followers for you, but brand believers too!

When does the filming begin?

We will begin the reality show March 1, 2020.

Will this reality show air on television or will it be internet-based through a site such as You-Tube?

After 5 years of becoming an expert on the ins and outs of Instagram, I’ve noticed a shift that followers want a more natural look, not so perfect and done up.  They want to see the real you, the behind the scenes, the hills and valleys of a day in the life of a fashion designer. That’s why we’re going to first launch it on my Instagram with over 220,000 followers, on all other social media platforms including YouTube, and best of all, you’ll get this footage for free, so you can post it too!  When we build your brand as a team, then our community of followers will join together to watch, engage and support you! Any television show opportunities I’ll announce if and when they’re official.

Where does the filming take place?

In your home & mine!  Whether you’re out and about, brainstorming with a friend about the current process you’re working on, or working right at home with crazy kids and a messy background, keep filming!  Your viewers will be the same and they’ll see themselves in YOU, except you’re the one taking action and they’re sitting down wishing they could be where you are!

Why won’t all the designers be filmed in the process together?

I believe we have enough competitive pressure in our lives that you don’t need more.  While pressure can be a good thing, I want to first work with you one on one to let your creative juices flow and focus you on becoming the master of your own brand.  With designers right next to you, it’s easy to look left or right and compare how they’re better or worse than you, farther ahead or far behind. Don’t worry, I’ll be pushing you to become the greatest designer you can be, in your area of expertise!

How will we do the video editing?

I will have my expert videography team edit the content that you and I submit on a weekly basis.  Once they take the time to edit the footage, your & my true reality will be further ahead from the dates we actually post online, so we can make you look great for each show!

How can you help me since I’m well beyond the idea phase and we aren't quite going from idea to launch at this point?

We should still take time in the beginning to talk through the process and exciting experiences you’ve accomplished so far in your business.  This will bring the viewers up to date and also show you and I what we still need to work on in your fashion brand and on the business side of the project.  It’s okay being transparent with the viewers that now we’re starting to film, and they’ll see us talking about the beginning of your story, from the start anyway.  You can make a little list as notes of the steps you have already taken on your own, so that’ll remind you of the wild experiences, the journey, stories, and questions and worries you had that you overcame.

So we’ll be reliving it as we video chat together. One fourth of my designers are starting with me at the idea phase with no experience or fashion background, one fourth have been trying for 2+ years and are tired of making expensive mistakes spinning their wheels and now I’ll need to help clean up their business and brand, one fourth of my designers have found success in various countries but I take them to the next level with sales, social media marketing and making their branding presence 10 times as strong, and the last quarter are established fashion labels with many retail stores across America who continually place reorders with an average of 5,000 pieces per style, per colorway.

How do I find a wholesale textile company that will also manufacture and package my products and ship them and how should go about labels and cut and sew wear for order?

That’s exactly what I’ll be helping you with throughout this entire process together.

Textiles: I’ll teach you how to gather your desired fabrics/look and then my team of your choice (in America, China or Italy) will source a box full of swatches for you to keep forever as design inspiration.  I can source fabric in NYC for you… but let’s get it at a better price directly from the source and with millions of options!

Labels: I can help design these for you based around the branding focus we’ll create together.  We’ll have a factory produce all the labels you need in high quality.

Cut and Sew: I’ll hold your hand from idea to design, sketches, tech packs, sourcing the right fabric and factory, patterns, samples and production.  I have created a step by step plan that we can adjust according to your brand goals.

Manufacturing: this is usually not the same company as the fabric vendor and they will do the packaging while you have the option of my team doing In-House Quality Control on your products.

Shipping: a freight forwarding company helps me to manage the shipping process so we get your goods perfectly from the factory to the ship, through customs and finally to you.

When should I record myself?

Record yourself any time!  Even when we aren’t video chatting together, perhaps you’ll have questions for me; or confusion; or lots of excitement; or even frustration with me, feel free to record yourself venting!

If you’re not sure if you should or shouldn’t be recording yourself doing a certain fashion task or talking with friends and family about your brand and the process you’re going through, when in doubt, record it!  You’re welcome to have anyone in your video that you so choose.

What if I say something that I didn’t want recorded or when we talk about the cost of my garments? During filming, if you say something you want removed, right then and there you can say (as if you’re speaking with the videography editors) to please cut out the last few sentences you said.  My editors also know to cut out or blur any financial numbers we speak about pertaining to your business. Also, you and I will watch the video clips to give edits and approve them before posting on social media platforms.

Here’s a suggested light/ tripod and microphone for recording yourself.



Will I get this video content to post as well?

Yes!  Once my team completes the editing, we view and approve it, then you’ll get to post it on any social media platforms and your website.  You can also send it to any fashion connections to help elevate your brand. The purpose of this reality show is to help people fall in love with you and your brand ASAP!  So even if a local boutique wants to play it on their instore TV, go for it! The more you can video record when you’re working on your assignments 1) the longer your reality show will run and 2) the more free content for your social media that will give you.

Is there a contract that I have to sign?

Yes, I’ll send out the contract once you’ve taken about 5 minutes to fill out this link for confirmation.

How does the payment work?

I have created a master 12 month process to help take you from where you’re at now, through perfect patterns, manufacturing at the lowest price and top quality, branding, social media, website, preparing for buyers, creating a pitch deck for investors, and getting you to any runway of your dreams!  Payment for the first month will be due March 1st, 2020.  The 3 cost options is just a break down as some people are on a tighter budget and requested to pay weekly or monthly, yet the best savings is if it’s paid up front.  To spread the payments over time, you can use our subscription service billed at $157 weekly or $597 monthly.  To save the most money, you can pay in the full amount of $6,497 which covers 12 months of us working together.  The paid in full option is a 20% discount, so you’ll receive 6.5 hours of my consultation time for FREE!  The monthly subscription option is a 10% discount, that’s about 3.5 hours for FREE!  You can subscribe and pay here:

How will the production of the garments and/ or handbags be funded?

You will fund them and together we’ll analyze the price, quality, quantity, their background, if I’ve worked with them before and how fast and smoothly the factories communicate. You can consider a loan or asking for investments when the time is right. It’ll be easier to show you need a loan by sending them a YouTube link to show what you’ve done so far and why you need their funds to help sell your fashion products.  When you receive a larger production order from a buyer, at that point I’ll walk you through how to get funding to help cover your manufacturing costs.

Will there be compensation for being on the reality show?

The compensation will be in helping to turn your dreams into a reality, with the potential for immediate sales and any connections you want to make, as we will have built up your brand and especially you so your reputation precedes you.  You’ll have the opportunity to gain fame along the way & they’ll fall in love with you, and want to buy what you make. Doors will be opened for you that you can’t imagine and you’ll receive all the edited video content for FREE to use on your platforms for many years to come.

What does the reality show cost include?

You will receive my step by step process from idea to launch at the Fashion Week of your choice.  This process can be adjusted based on your specific brand needs. I devote 2.5 hours per month focused on your brand only, not including the follow up emails you’ll receive from me giving each new step of your process.  Within the allotted time we will have 2 private calls per week with a goal of keeping each call to 10 minutes. I keep these calls short because I allow for extra time during my week to work on your project.

I also want to teach you that successful people can have very efficient phone calls.  In these calls, we’ll cover 3 things each time: 1) what we’ve accomplished over the past few days 2) what we’re currently in the middle of 3) what we plan to accomplish the next few days. You can select the convenient times and dates in the Contact Us Form dates & times are a first come first serve basis.  The cost covers my time to help hold your hand through this process so you can create a brand the right way the first time around.  It’s like attending fashion school, but in the real world. And it doesn’t cost you $60K per year for a fashion school degree. You’ll end up with all the tools and an actual brand and product that you can sell.  Is it bad for you to go to fashion school, no, but it’s good for you to decide your end goal and work backwards. It has broken my heart time and time again when graduates from established NYC fashion schools were hiring me to help them make a tech pack or their brand entirely and yet they were $120,000+ in school debt.

The purpose of my company is to help people full circle in becoming fashion designers at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.  Not only managing production but helping you with a social media plan, Shopify, creating a buyers and investors pitch, doing pop ups and the right fashion shows for your brand.  The point of the reality show is for us to get your face in front of many people online so they want to buy from you asap, rather than the old school way of creating a brand and then trying to get sales.

I’ll be showing off my designers on my Instagram account as well with 220K followers and across the other social media platforms as well. The video footage will also be content that you can use on your platforms so that’s less content for you to worry about needed to create.  I know it can be a hassle for designers to be pulled away from the art of designing to work on their business so this reality show will help change all that.

How will I know how much I should spend on manufacturing and how much I’ll make when I sell the clothing or handbags I produce?

PI have created a Profit Calculator & an Order Quantity Calculator to help you determine 1) how many pieces you can produce with your budget; 2) how much $$$ you’ll make with your quantity of production.  I can give you a good estimate of the factory price based on the look of your styles, fabrics and trims included and knowing which country you want to produce in and the quantity you can afford. Think about your goals: do you want to be Runway Ready?  Fashion Weeks usually require you to have 10 styles minimum and easily 15-20 styles.

Also consider that boutique buyers want to see a larger collection to know you’ll be around in the following seasons, that you’ve invested time, energy and money into your collection to be successful and help them become successful too.  I’ll advise more details during our design phase together, but in the meantime I suggest your collection should be mainly items that are saleable with a few show stoppers for the runway and your social media.

How can I give back?

There will be a section that I teach you about collaborating with non profits or choosing to donate a percentage of proceeds to a specific charity, if you so choose.  We will build this into your cost accordingly. You don’t have to choose this at all, but it’s good to know it for your future. You never know who you’ll meet or what doors will open!

What are some early suggestions that you have for me?

The step by step plan I’ve created for you has a deeper meaning to each section that I’ll explain.  As this is your brand, you’re free to skip any steps you feel don’t pertain to you, but I highly recommend you follow my instructions as I come with 10 years of experience of fashion brand building from A to Z.

Will my designs be secure while going through the process of working on them?

I could talk about this in depth for days but here’s a shorter version.  I’m happy to send you an NDA that I’ve already signed so you know your designs are protected with me.  Overall it’s about building a strong brand identity that your customers want more than the standard product or a copy.

Factories in the US are very unlikely to sign an NDA for you, not because they plan to copy, but they are concerned it’ll hold them back from producing for someone else with a similar idea.  Regarding putting the film onto the internet, we’ll always be a few months ahead of the viewers from our reality and when we actually post the edited footage online. Your fear is totally valid and I am asked this question all the time. There’s no 100% guarantee that someone won’t copy your idea, even in the states.

That’s just the truth and and I’d be lying if I told you differently. BUT there is a 100% guarantee that you won’t do anything with your idea/passion if you stay stuck in fear of someone copying you. There are plenty of things to do to avoid copying. 1) Hit your brand out of the park with ‘Branding’ so people want your product, over a copy 2) I sign NDA’s for designers often so they know they can trust me and that I have no desire to remake their product under another name. I have my factories sign NDA’s for me too, but overall China’s culture works with an old school handshake and they’ll work hard to “not lose face” as we say in their culture. 3) having the fear of people/China copying can hold you back from growing your business and income 10 fold, although I know it is a valid fear. 4) If they start copying you like they do Chanel and Gucci, that’s said to be a compliment.  Of course it’s not ideal. The irony is the knock off’s are helping to brand Chanel even stronger without Chanel spending a penny. So when you see a Chanel bag on someone, you may not know it’s fake, but you may think, “Oh, I want that too” and admire her for it. It’s a funny world we live in with the desire for a label. 5) You can get a patent for your product and trademark for your name/ logo if you like. For example, to strengthen your brand, I often make metal molds on logos and zipper pulls for my designers and can custom design and print fabric with any design or your name/logo on it, printed or woven in.

Will the reality show focus on the professional aspect of the design process or drama filled?

Most definitely the professional process you go through.  It’s fine if you have some fun loving excitement or drama, but we don’t want it to be a drama filled show.  There will naturally be ups and downs, but I’ll be with you the whole way. As we dive into selling you as the designer, topics will arise that you’re passionate about, the audience will connect with you via those topics, for example if you’re both dog lovers, and they’ll be mentally ready to buy your products before even selling.  When our viewers see all the hard work you’ve put into building your fashion collection and turning it into an actual company, they’ll be very impressed, believe in you and want to support you along your journey of success.

What are my responsibilities?

Your responsibilities will be to follow my lead, but with your own flair & personality.  I want you to be yourself and never feel like you have to be over dramatic or nervous for the camera.  We’ll have a blast together, lots of laughs, digging deep and vertical coaching for you to be the best designer you can be, beyond your wildest imagination.  I want you to look back 6 to 12 months from now and be so in awe of what you’ve accomplished. You have probably been thinking of your idea for a few years, not knowing how or where to get started or have tried but in an expensive manner or not cohesive to portray a successful brand.  By the time 2021 New Year’s comes along, you’ll be celebrating even more!

What if I want to make a decision about my brand that you don’t agree with?

love this question!  We will come to several forks in the road.  I will give you examples and stories to back them up with my suggestion for turning right or left.  If you don’t agree with me, that’s totally fine! At the end of the day, this is your designer collection, your fashion brand and your company.  It’s extremely important to me that we both encourage brainstorming, even if they’re crazy ideas and could easily be shut down, you never know when one bad idea will inspire the other person to adjust it as a great idea.

What are your responsibilities?

My responsibilities are to guide you, hold your hand (virtually) and answer all of your questions, concerns, and remove fears or just unknown information early on so you can keep moving forward with the barriers broken down for you.

I will push you when you need pushing and let you relax when you need to learn to enjoy this process as it’s a gift to follow your dreams and turn it into an established business. I will teach you to create your fashion idea the right way the first time around.  Some of my designers have come to me crying during our first meeting, that they’ve already spent $20,000-$50,000 after 6 months and only have a few bad samples.

Or worse than that, alumni fashion students will have to hire me after graduating and being $120,000 in the hole from school.  I’ll take you through the real world of creating your brand, fashion + business. It’s not a diploma you need, it’s the determination to never quit and by the time we’re done, you will have a fashion collection that you can actually sell and make money!

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card here The benefits of paying by credit card is you’ll earn the credit card points from your card provider. If you do not want the credit card transaction fee, Venmo, Zelle, & Wire Transfer are also available. Save $1,667 by choosing the “pay up front” option. Save $667 by choosing the monthly option.

When is the deadline to submit payment?

February 15, 2020, this is the same for all the 3 payment options.

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