A billion dollar company you may have heard of, called Amazon, profits approximately 30% of every sale. What if we shared 30% with people in need instead?

Select a variety from of charities around the world that you love. Shop with ethics, morals, and sustainability.

Most items of clothing in our closets are tied to a memory, a story, good or bad. What if our clothing was tied to a memory of giving? "This shirt supported kids in Haiti", and "this one gave water to tribes in Africa". The list goes on and on. What stories are tied to the clothing in your closet? Go to #storyshop to find brands that design for a purpose, to change lives!

This is your story, your shop! Every world changer has a cause they believe in. Let's change consumerism by sharing generosity each step of the way!

Emerging Moda doesn't take a profit from the Story Shop to help build a legacy for others. Emerging Moda has chosen to give 10% of your purchase to World Vision. Each fashion designer has chosen a charity to donate a 2nd 10% toward. You will choose a charity for the 3rd 10% to go toward, totaling 30% to help 3 different charities.

Select charities to support and shop. These choices will filter by the charities chosen by designers. You will choose your charity in the shopping cart.

Charity centered shopping


Health & Infectious Diseases

Education & Universities



Environment (sustainability) fair trade, Ethical Practices

Community Service

Hunger/ Nutrition/ Poverty

Water / Sanitation


Arts/Culture & Museums

Disaster Relief

Sex Trafficing

Mental health & Eating disorders

You were given a gift and a talent so here's your chance to do something deeper with it by not only changing your life but the lives of others and generations to follow! Our designers choose to donate to Charities: World Vision No Child For Sale, Pet and Animal Welfare, Environmental Conservation & Protection (sustainability), Disease & Disorder Charities (share % for email endorsements)

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