How do I make my Clothing Size Range?

See, your size, it’s actually called grading. And whether you’re doing this domestically or internationally, what it involves is you need to give them your grade rule. Grade rule is typically between one to two inches between sizes, depending if you’re in the smaller sizes, or even going through plus guys, right? So definitely give me a call because I can give you more clarity on this for grading. So you’re gonna give them I want one inch between my small to my large, okay, now they’re gonna take that, and every single piece of a garment is going to have a different measurement. And they’re going to change that accordingly. Your factory can most likely do this for you. We can as well it depends on which factory you’re doing it with what kind of equipment and computer programs that they have. For grading, if it’s included in the cost, I definitely recommend going through plus size. It is very popular right now. And if you have the chance, it doesn’t hurt, right? You’re expanding your market and then when you talk to buyers, and they want plus-sized garments, at least you have the sizes ready. I’m not saying you have to make samples or produce for it. If it’s not your niche market you’re trying to hit but at least you’re prepared

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